Old South

I made my way through the thick pricked forest with nothing but the Louisiana moon lighting the way and the stars as a map. I took a drink of moonshine to calm my nerves, I had miles to go before I sleep.

All I could think of was making it back to your Indigo eyes and lie down in your embrace. All I wanted was to get one more chance to make it right with you, another chance.

I can now see the rising sun and thankful that a new day has begun because how beautiful and rare it is even to exist. But is it existing without you?

I have one foot in the Ether with the other one firmly rooted to the ground. I would give up my seat in heaven if it meant I get to stay with you.

I am almost there, all I have to do is cross the  Pontchartrain on this rainy day and I can finally drown my inner heathens and be back with you.

Our story has yet to be written.

~All the sweet winds, they blow across the South~

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