On the Brightside

You are only as small as the world makes you out to be. You are in control of yourself, don’t let strangers desecrate what you think of yourself.

Be ambitious in a World that will be vicious to us all, leave adversity in your trail and follow your heart, for the heart holds all the secrets.

There is no such thing as an overnight success story, stay on your path without falling to temptations and, one day, the World will know your name and your story.

It will not be tomorrow, nor will it be next year. But one day, I promise you it will happen. You are destined for glory, just like everyone else who has always been pushed aside.

You will fail multiple times but always get back up. Get back up enough times, and no one will ever question your struggles.

You are only as small as the World makes you out to be, you’re only as tall as your heart will let you be.

~Tornado or no tornado, a girl from Kansas doesn’t let much get to her~

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