Unspoken Beauty

I see many faces every day, some of them hiding their true face over a facade and others with many layers over their true face. We have become so easy to distrust that we mistake kindness for cunningness.

We think everyone is an usurper, trying to take away our imaginary throne. We think everyone new we meet always have an alternative motive. I am exhausted by always being on guard.

Being skeptical isn’t a malicious trait, but too much Skepticism drives even the sanest men insane and paranoid.

Take a breath or two and live, meet new people with an open mind and I promise you the world will seem like a utopia. But also don’t let naiveness take you over, be careful if need be and always protect yourself.

The World is a scary place, yes, but don’t let the evil consume the beauty.

Your throne is yours to keep.

~Life isn’t always beautiful, but it is a beautiful ride~




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