I find myself being compared with Icarus, never knowing when to stop.
Always wanting more…needing more…and all for what?
I have tried to let go of my inhibitions
But alas, my recitence are what make me human

But then I found someone, someone who shares my fears and whose inhibitions match my own.
When our hand’s touch, when our lips lock, when our souls connect…I feel at peace.
There is nothing before you, and there will be nothing after you. All I have is here and now.

I was drowning in the river Styx before I met you…I was on my way to the deepest of the Abysses.
But you showed me the light and breathed new life into me. I want to give you the Universe but that by itself is not enough.
All the stars in the Universe combined cannot outshine you.

Eternity with you is not enough, nothing ever will be.

~Sometimes I think, I need a spare heart to feel all the things I feel~

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