Sands of Time

I stare at clock in my room, going tick tock…tick tock

Each millisecond without you in my life is like spending eternity with Hades

Tick tock…tick tock

I am alone with my thoughts and it only grows darker with time

I long for one more conversation, one more glimpse into your soul which is so pure,

I long to see you once more, but I know that is an impossibility I have to live with.

tick tock…tick tock

I long to turn back time and remedy these faults of mine, alas I am left on this Earth without such power.

I will search for you in another life, where things might be different,

where circumstances don’t define what happens to us.

Tick tock…tick tock,

I see time stops for no one, not even god.

~I wish I could turn back time, but I can’t. I made a stupid decision because I thought I was invincible, and I’ll pay for it the rest of my life.~

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