Imagine driving at full speed and never being able to slow down. You don’t know any other kind of speed, just fast and faster. You never get tired either, you just keep on going until the grim reaper comes knocking at your door.

This is what my life has been like for 18 straight years. And it’s weird because I am very self-aware so I know that it’s going fast, but whenever I try to slow down, I feel sick and anxiety creeps up on me.

If I am not going a 100 miles an hour, I can’t breathe. I have to keep moving faster and faster just to be able to get through the day.

I envy people who can sit back and relax. Life is this magnificent drive and the view is spectacular, but you can only enjoy the view if you stop or slow down once a while.

But it’s like I’m driving a Ferrari and I can’t seem to enjoy the car, nor can I enjoy the view.

If I try to stop or slow down my engine starts revving automatically. Smoke starts coming from the hood and I speed up so that I don’t burn up and explode.

Maybe it’s time I changed cars, maybe it’s time I downgrade from a Ferrari to a Cadillac so I can just cruise down the road at the speed I want to so I can take in the view.

If you know anyone who wants a cheap Ferrari, tell them to message me. I’m giving mine away so I can finally sit back and relax.

~ There is more to life than increasing its speed~


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