I walk into a hallway and all I see is darkness. There is absolutely no hint of light, just darkness, like entering an empty cave with no flash light. Then, all of a sudden, I see a glimmer of something white, almost silhouette in nature. I follow it but the distance remains the same.

I run towards it but it doesn’t seem to be getting closer, it stays in the same place. I don’t know if the light is moving away or if I am running in place. The darkness makes it harder to figure out directions.

I slump to the floor, covered in perspiration due to all the running. I will never reach the light, it something that cannot be gotten. I give up and lay on whatever surface I am on, and try to close my eyes to get some rest.

I am jolted awake by a movement of the ground, I look around and it is still pitch black, so dark I cannot even see my own hand in front of me.

The ground shakes even more violently, it is like the surface I am on is moving and it is well beyond my control. I try moving forward, towards the light again, and this time the light starts getting closer.

I make a run for it once again, I judge the distance to be approximately 2km. I sprint like my life depends on it, each step more agonizing that the last.

But I cannot let it go yet, I am so close I can almost feel the warmth of the light. I inch closer and closer, running at full speed. My legs start to grow tired and cramps begin to take form.

Suddenly I feel my right leg slowly detach, like someone cut it off and it is dangling on by a single thread of flesh. But the light is so close, I cannot give up now. I tear off the leg and continue forward while drowning myself in the tears of agony.

I am now ten steps away from the light, I can almost physically touch the light source. As I am about to start the ten step journey, my left leg comes away, and I slump onto the floor again, this time with no feet to help me back up.

I give out a shrill scream, but no one can hear me in this dark void.

I use my arms to drag myself forward to the light. I am now right below the light source, I reach forward to grab it but I am not able to reach due to my now reduced height.

I go for it again, this time with more ferocity, I am able to slightly graze the object with my finger nails. I tried to go for it one last time, as I go to grab the object, the ground below me gives way and I fall. I keep falling, with no end in sight I just close my eyes and accept this as my end.

All of a sudden I am shaken awake.

I lie in my bed, the sheets damp from my sweat. I look around to observe my surroundings, it was filled with normal hospital gear. I look to the side to see my family and friends by my side, I look over to the calendar to see this is day 56 of my coma, I guess I’ll be here for a little while longer.

~ Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity~

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